Scientific & Technology Offer

The E3TECH Network offers its wide and extensive experience in the following fields:

1. Environmental applications

  • Assessment techniques of the toxiciy of pollutants.
  • Characterization of water and solutions by ion chromatography, AA, UV-VIS, etc.
  • Characterization of ion exchange membranes and application to the recovery and recycling of heavy metals and other substances by electrodialysis and electrochemical reactors with membrane.
  • Treatment of water contaminated with organic and inorganic compounds: electrodialysis, electrocoagulation, advanced electrochemical oxidation processes.
  • Design, manufacture and development of electrochemical reactors for wastewater treatment. Powered with solar photovoltaic power.
  • Studies of static and dynamic corrosion. Design and construction of hydrodynamic circuits.
  • Studies of corrosion-cavitation and tribocorrosion.
  • Corrosion studies by testing in salt spray chamber.
  • Elimination of persistent organic pollutants and ammonium in leachate from municipal and industrial landfills.
  • Applications for the reuse of treated wastewater: electro-disinfection and reverse osmosis treatment of concentrates.
  • Water regeneration in marine aquaculture circuits.

2. Energy Applications

  • Fabrication and surface and electrochemical characterization of nanostructurated (photo)catalysts.
  • Hydrogen production by photoelectrochemical water splitting with solar energy. Efficiency measurements of water separation process.
  • Development and modification of electrodes for obtaining hydrogen. Electrochemical and surface characterization of the electrodes. Design, manufacture and development of reactors for water electrolysis.
  • Characterization of the behavior of fuel cells, modeling and control.
  • Design and manufacture of dye-sensitized solar cells.
  • Chemical synthesis of organic and organometallic compounds.

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