Events and Activities

The E3TECH Excellence Network has proposed the organisation of the 3rd Workshop on Sustainable Electrochemical Technology organized by the E3TECH Network.

Following the two previous successful events organized in Gargagno ( and Barcelona (, the Spanish E3TECH Network of Excellence is going to organize its third Workshop on Sustainable Electrochemical Technology within the framework of the 25th ISE Topical Meeting, which will be held in Toledo (Spain) from May 12 to 15, 2019.

Update: Book of abstracts

Update: Sessions will take place at the Biblioteca Sabatini building

On this occasion, the workshop will be focused on the ability of the electrochemical technology to improve the sustainability in the modern society, giving chance to researchers in very different topics of electrochemistry and electrochemical engineering fields to contribute. The workshop will consist of two sessions: (i) a scientific one, in which the most recent results from the research carried out by the different groups will be presented; this will promote the preparation of a special issue in Chemosphere, aimed at publishing high quality manuscripts from presented works; (ii) a second session, in which a round table with companies will help to stress the points in which the collaboration in the topic of sustainability between academy and industry can be improved.  Invited lectures from outstading researchers contributing to the Topical Meeting will also be included.

The sessions will be in parallel to those of the ISE Topical Meeting and no additional registration fee will be charged (it will be mandatory to be registered in the ISE Topical Meeting). After the Workshop, the general assembly of the E3TECH network will be held.

Contributions to this Workshop will not be included in the ISE Topical Meeting or in the book of abstracts since this is a satellite event, but a certificate from the E3TECH organizers will be available if needed. Contributions have to be submitted to the following email (deadline: 15 January 2019)


Past events

  • 1-5 October 2017: Workshop in the 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering, in Barcelona. More information: Flyer of the workshop. Two special issues were planned from the contributions in this Workshop: 1. Separation and Purification Technology. Tentative title: Electrochemical Technologies for Environmental Applications. Guest editors: E. Brillas, A. Urtiaga, V. Montiel, I. Sirés and 2. Journal of Applied Electrochemistry. Title: 2nd Workshop on Electrochemical Engineering. Guest editors: Karel Bouzek, Ann Cornell, Manuel A. Rodrigo. Invited speakers:
    • Prof. Gerardine Botte (Ohio University). University Distinguished Professor and Russ Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.  Title of the conference: Coal Electrolysis: Hydrogen Production, Advanced Materials and Mercury Removal
    • Prof. J. H. Zagal (Universidad de Santiago de Chile). Full-Professor  of the Chemistry and Biology Department. Title of the conference: An overview of the reactivity indexes of MN4 and MN2 molecular catalysts for fuel cells and air batteries.
    • Prof. José Luis Nava (University of Guanajuato, Mexico). Head of the Water Science and Technology Laboratory at the University of Guanajuato in Mexico, and Professor in Electrochemical Engineering. Title of the conference: Arsenic and fluoride removal from groundwater by electrocoagulation.
    • Prof. Adalgisa R. De Andrade (Universidade de São Paulo). Associate professor of FFCLRP/USP in the Chemistry Department. Title of the conference: Electrochemical oxidation of glycerol: power-generating fuel-cell or add-value products?
    • Prof. Carlos A. Martínez-Huitle (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil). Associate Professor at the Institute of Chemistry. Title of the conference: Influence of the surfactant sodium dodecyl sulphate for producing persulfate using an electrochemical flow cell with diamond electrodes.
    • Invited conferences from companies:
      • Mikel Pino (Albufera Energy Storage). PhD student. Title of the conference: Towards the Development of New Batteries with Advanced Electrolytes.
      • Josep Manzano (CETaqua). Project Manager. Title of the conference: Development and demonstration of a 3D electrochemical reactor for the in situ generation of sodium hypochlorite.


  • 11-16 September 2016: The network organizes a Workshop on «Electrochemical Technologies» in the Giornate dell’Elettrochimica Italiana and E3 Mediterranean Symposium: Electrochemistry for Environment and Energy, in Gargnano (Brescia, Italy) and it will have 4 invited conferences:
    • Dr. Mariachiara Benedetto (Industry De Nora – Italy). Title of the conference: Electrolytic Cell equipped with Concentric Electrode pairs
    • Prof. Dr. Ing. Karel Bouzek (UCT – University of Chemistry and Technology of Prague – Czech Republic). Title of the conference: Fuel cell flow field optimization – from single channel experiment to the fuel cell stack
    • Prof. François Lapicque (CNRS – University of Lorraine – France). Title of the conference: Electrocoagulation and other techniques for water treatment: a couple of relevant examples
    • Prof. Fabio La Mantia (University of Bremen – Germany). Title of the conference: Aging Mechanism of Prussian Blue Derivatives during Zinc-Ion Intercalation