Network of Excellence E3TECH

LogoENWelcome to the Network of Excellence «Environmental and Energy Applications of the Electrochemical Technology».

This Network (CTQ2017-90659-REDT) is proposed as the heir to the CTQ2015-71650-REDT action, with which an initiative was launched to unite the experience in the context of environmental and energy applications of the electrochemical technology of 10 research groups and have an impact both in the promotion of electrochemical technology research in our country and in the implementation of this discipline in the industrial sector. The objectives of the network are:

Presentation video of the E3TECH Network

  • Strengthen research activities with more future in the aforementioned framework.
  • Work on the synergies achieved with the current Network and seek new cooperations.
  • Promote its own growth with the incorporation of research groups belonging to universities, institutes and technology centers and companies.
  • Encourage the transfer of technology to gain industrial visibility.
  • Position itself in relation to other competing consortiums in environment and energy, and promote the advantages, while favoring integration with them.
  • Encourage quality training for master’s and doctoral students in the Electrochemical Science and Technology.

This network is financed by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities in the 2017 Call for Actions of Dynamization «Networks of Excellence» of the State Program for the Promotion of Scientific and Technical Research of Excellence, a State subprogram of Knowledge Generation.